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At your service since 1968

Maquinaria Lacueva was founded in 1968. During its first years it was mainly engaged in the manufacture of dies and toolings for presses and all kinds of machinery used in the production of metal cans, such as bodymakers, flangers, seamers, electric welders, etc.

Facilities, general sight

It also began to repair and recondition machinery, as well as to install and commission complete canmaking and endmaking lines. This was thanks to the experience of the company’s founder, Octavio Lacueva, first as a manufacturer of new equipment and later as a canmaker. Gradually, the company’s activity evolved into the buying and selling of used machinery.

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12.000sqm set aside to warehouse and repair shop

Facilities, general sight

Currently we have a 12.000sqm. warehouse with more than 3.500 machines and a workshop specialized in machine repair and overhauling.

You will be able to find at our premises a wide selection of used machines ranging from simple semiautomatic presses, curlers and liners, to beaders, flangers, combination machines and sophisticated high speed welders. We also offer a number of machine-tools like lathes, milling machines and drills.


Improving for your satisfaction

In the last four years, Maquinaria Lacueva has expanded the capacity of its services by increasing its personnel and placing an emphasis on the buying of only the best machines. The logical result is that now we operate in more countries, more companies rely on us and we are able to offer high quality equipment.

The most important goal of Maquinaria Lacueva is the complete satisfaction of our customers. We offer you the opportunity to acquire the best machines on the market today, totally refurbished and equipped according to your needs.

Warehouse We work closely with specialists in Angelus seamers, Soudronic welders and manufacturers of toolings in order to turn your project into reality.

Find the suitable machine now and make your goals come true.

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